Alex Allsup


1. Who do you go to for fashion inspiration?

I find inspiration in many places! From window shopping, to flipping through magazines, to scrolling Pinterest. However, I usually find the most inspiration and outfit ideas from different style blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow. I encourage everyone to find a few fashion accounts that they can identify with. It’s a great way to think of new ways to style pieces that you may already own and find new outfit ideas and inspo! I love seeing how others style items and getting ideas for how to bring things in my closet back to life with a fresh perspective!

2. When do you feel most confident?

I feel most confident when I am in an outfit that I love. It is amazing how a great outfit can alter your entire day! There is nothing worse than being in something that just does not make you feel yourself… you know those days when you are just dying to go home to change or put on sweats! Dress in what makes you feel you! Don’t try to dress like someone else! You will always feel your best and most authentic self when you are in something that you absolutely love!

3. How would you define ‘Power Dressing’?

I would define ‘Power Dressing’ as dressing to impress! Swapping out your normal t-shirt and distressed denim for an outfit that is meant to catch the eye and make you feel fancy. I am all about casual and relatable clothes, especially living in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean that every now and then you can’t jazz it up! Break out a nice trouser or wide legged pant, that pair of heels that makes you feel like a million bucks, or that dry-clean only blouse! Power dressing should make you feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world!

4. What are two pieces every person should have in their wardrobe?

First, a good pair of jeans! I am talking about that pair of jeans that you always gravitate towards in your closet. The pair that fits you perfectly and is basically molded to you. Jeans are something that you shouldn’t be afraid to splurge on. The perfect pair of jeans can make all the difference! 

Second, a great jacket! A warm, stylish jacket is such a staple for any wardrobe. I love my ‘Bliss’ jacket by Eleven Elfs because it is so fashionable and practical at the same time! I have received so many compliments on it and love how confident it makes me feel!

5. What is your favourite part about winter time?

Skiing! As a Colorado native, I grew up on skis and cannot wait for the first snow fall every year! There’s nothing better than being up in the mountains and spending time with family and friends on the slopes! And, let’s be honest, après doesn’t hurt either!

6. Words you live by?

“If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane.” - Jimmy Buffett

I am a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, aka Parrot Head, and I love to laugh and not take life too seriously! I think a good sense of humor is one of the best qualities a person can have. Life is short! Live it up, laugh, and have a blast along the way!

7. What inspires you the most?

There are so many things that inspire me but the one that keeps coming to mind as I read this question is my amazing mom! She is my role model and such an amazing person. She is beautiful, witty, caring, classy, and poised. She is my best friend and confidant. If I end up being half the woman that she is, then I have done something right!

Every woman needs a positive female role model. This could be in the form of a family member, friend, teacher, colleague, whatever! Find a woman who inspires you and who you can confide in. Women supporting women is what it is all about!

8. What do you value in a winter coat?

Being from Colorado, I want a coat that is going to keep me super warm but is also stylish! Nothing worse than a coat that is warm but sacrifices style along the way!  

I am a huge fan of all of the Eleven Elfs coats because they are the warmest coats I own and are so fashionable! I love the unique stitching, the zippers that go along the side pockets and, of course, the amazing fur hoods that give them such elegance. I also like how the fur hood can be removed if you are going for more of a casual vibe! I wear my Bliss coat constantly, both day and night, my Eskimo coat for running around during the day, and my Chill coat for skiing. They are so chic and I always feel confident, stylish, and warm when I am in them!

9. Three trends you’re loving right now?

I love that headbands are making a comeback! They are such a fun way to elevate an outfit, especially on the days that you don’t feel like doing your hair! I often throw my hair into a ponytail and then put on a fun headband to add an extra element to my entire outfit.

Same with flare denim. I don’t wear flare jeans on an everyday basis, but it is a fun way to mix up your normal skinny jean routine and give you legs for days! 

I’m also loving the blazer trend. A cute boyfriend blazer paired with your favorite pair of jeans, a casual neutral colored top, and booties is such a cute fall and winter outfit that is easy to take from day to night. 

10. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Hit snooze :) I’ll be honest, I am NOT a morning person! I try to sleep in as long as possible and then start my day with a good breakfast and my morning ritual of watching The Today Show while getting ready. I am not one of those people who pick out my outfit the night before, so I usually save that task for last before starting my day.



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