The Basic Down collection is characterized by its breathable particularly light wind- and water-repellent material. We use a filling ratio of 90% down and 10% small feathers. The tremendous difference means that the quality of one filling is determined by the amount of down compared with the quality of feathers. Thus, the higher proportion of down (90%), the better quality in terms of lightness, volume and softness.

THE DOWN: You may visualize the down like a kind of ice crystal. It is three-dimensional and consists of a central core with many small branchings. Those branchings (approx. 2 million per
down) are responsible for the unique elasticity of the down and the reason for its incomparable insulating property. It is breathable and has a very good hygroscopic and insulating capacity. Therefore, the false conclusion „Down may only be worn in the coldest winter“ is obsolete. This becomes more comprehensible by means of the following example: At night, we human beings may loose approx. 0.2 to 0.5 litres of water via our body surface,
the skin. Down are able to absorb more than 14 times as much moisture than polyester fibres. Down are able to absorb up to 11.6% of their weight of water.
That means that down is not only insulating but regulating. It reduces the sweating and is hygroscopic at the same time. They absorb the moisture including heat of vaporization transpired by us human beings during the sleep and release it into the room air via the surface of our blanket. Thus, the inside of the bed and the sleeper will always remain dry. The same happens when wearing a down jacket. It regulates the wearer’s temperature.
This is why it makes sense to wear down jackets for sports activities.

THE FEATHER: Compared to the down which is, in terms of optical appearance, comparable to an ice crystal, the feather rather resembles the visual appearance of an icicle whose centre is dominated by the quill pen. However, that does not mean anything bad in this context. Quite the contrary because the feather is responsible for the durability and provides for stability. This is why we have deliberately opted for a new and other filling ratio for our new outdoor
collection, Urban Excursion. Due to the significantly higher required filling quantity of 200g per sqm, the proportion of down is almost equivalent with the proportion of the down collection but is at the same time more robust due to the 30% proportion of feathers and thus provides for a much higher durability.
It is therefore particularly suitable for the field of outdoor activities. You will have to keep in mind that in case of two fillings, the down will stand for thermal
insulation and the feather will stand for robustness. Together they result in the perfect symbiosis and, compared to a filling of synthetic fibres, the down will always possess the better warmth-to-weight ratio. The same amount of down in grams has a higher heat potential and breathability than the comparable amount of synthetic fibres. Our products were therefore deliberately chosen with down filling. Therefore also the so-called bulking power= fill power is a true quality characteristic. It is indicated in cuin (cubic inch). From a fill power higher than 700 cuin you can speak of an absolute top quality when it comes to down. The higher their expansion force "bulking power“ the better their thermal capacity. All our products stand for exactly those quality criteria.



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