Washing Instructions

Our basic down made of nylon is washable at 30 C°.

Before Putting the Jacket into the Washing Machine

Prior to putting the jacket into the washing machine, please close all zippers. All buttons, Velco fasteners and drawstrings should be opened and/or loosened without exception.

Before washing the jacket, turn it inside out and always remove the fur trimming. In case the fur should look flat, it may get back its volume by means of a hair dryer. For this purpose, blow-dry the fur from every side with a distance of approximately 30 cm and ensure that the hair dryer temperate is not too hot.

In the Washing Machine

A major problem when washing down jackets is caused by the residues of the detergent which may clog the down and thus reduce the bulking power and the thermal capacity of the down. It is therefore particularly important to not use any fabric softener but only a down detergent. In doing so, please pay attention to the manufacturer's correct indications of quantity and use a washing machine with a minimum of 6kg. This is why you should only wash one jacket at a time with a maximum number of revolutions of 800 so that the jacket can always fall loosely in the drum. Whoever wants to do something very special  to his/her jacket should add a pure water wash cycle. Thus, even the last detergent residues will be rinsed out.

And if your washing machine provides this program, you can also lightly spin it with 1000-1200 revolutions for a short time. Use the delicates/wool wash cycle of your washing machine at 30 C°, because those programs provide for particularly high water levels. Please do not use the wash cycle for silk because this program works without an intermediate spinning which would, however, be very advantageous for the down.

By Hand

When using this variant, please only wash your Eleven Elfs jacket in the bathtub. The water in the bathtub should be lukewarm (approx. 40 C°). Here too, please dose the detergent according to the manufacturer's indication. Let the jacket soak for a good hour and then remove the detergent by rinsing the jacket several times (the more often the better). In doing so, please do not wring the jacket too heavily. The down prefer light pressing. Washing by hand requires a lot of patience. However, we only recommend this way of washing at your own risk.

Drying Instruction

The Drying (Almost More Important Than the Washing)

A dryer should in any case be used for the drying. Pure air-drying is not recommended because the down might start to mould because they will not become sufficiently dry.

Drying with an underfloor heating will also work if need be. However, in this case you should make sure to turn the jacket every half hour. When transporting the jacket to the dryer we recommend carrying it horizontally in order to prevent the heavy down from shifting and damaging the sensible chamber walls.

The following things shall be paid attention to when drying your Eleven Elfs jacket:

    • Do not dry too hot (max 30 C°)
    • Do not use a hair dryer because the dryer may damage the shell fabric when the temperature is too high
    • Put some (clean!) tennis balls into the drum because they are perfectly whirling everything around
    • After one hour in the dryer, take the jacket out and let it cool down. During this time, shake it vigorously a couple of times, and then the whole process starts anew - and is repeated several times

Due to the fact that residual moisture will make the down smell, this is the motto here: it's better to put the jacket into the dryer once too many rather than once too few. Otherwise, all trouble was for nothing and you will start from the beginning.



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